Sunday Stitch – How to Line a Bag When You Don’t Sew

I’m not sure this makes for a “real” Sunday Stitch but it is a Sunday, and this is what I’m working on. Also, I promised to show my cheater-cheater way to line a tote bag. So I’m shoehorning that into today’s post!

If you don’t sew, don’t sew well, or just like to cheat (who doesn’t?) then you may find this useful.

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A (Mostly) Finished Rag Bag!

Today is Hooray Day for me because I’m (mostly) finished with my Rag Bag Crochet Tote.

crochet tote bag made from rags

I like the bag. The Feline Overlord likes the bag. Even Cowardly Boy Cat seems to like the bag. Best of all? I have plenty of pictures to show how I (mostly) finished it off, instead of a bunch of clever excuses like last time.

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Yarn Making on Steriods – The History of Rope

We take rope for granted and by we I mean modern Western-type people. We don’t need rope very often in our daily lives and when we do, we know right where to get it. Then we are often surprised at how expensive good rope can be.

Photo credit: Wikimedia

That’s because cheaply made rope is pretty much worthless. We, the yarn-obsessed crafters, should be able to understand that because rope is really just yarn. A twisted rope is big, industrial-grade, yarn. Knowing that, I have been able to justify browsing through the history of rope making instead of doing something productive (like some much needed housecleaning). So let’s talk rope and you can avoid doing productive things for a while as well.

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Weekly Rec – Old Yarn Labels

I love yarn. I love old yarn. I love those labels on old yarn. 

Vintage yarn label - Lilly Rayon Crochet

This probably reveals too much about the depths on my obsession with the whole making-things-with-yarn hobby. Perhaps I should be keeping this particular passion to myself. It may make me look like a weirdo. But… I do love those old yarn labels. I had so much fun going through my stash and reading them all. Again.

And maybe there are a few fellow weirdos out there that will enjoy all the pictures of my old yarn labels! Maybe they will even share a few of their own. I can’t be the only one…. right?

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